Color Gear is a leading manufacturer of quality sportswear and teamwear in Australia. We have established comprehensive production network and complete product range that caters for diversified needs of customers.

Why Us

  • Quality Commitment

    Color Gear holds permanent enthusiasm to supply customers with premium quality products. In order to deliver this commitment, Color Gear performs strict Quality Checks (QC) in the following four production stages:
    Stage 1: Fabric Quality QC
    Stage 2: Accessories Quality QC
    Stage 3: Artwork QC
    Stage 4: Production QC

  • Price Commitment

    Color Gear ensures to offer most favorable and reasonable prices to all customers in line with the product and service quality.
    Color Gear owns factories and is not middle man, nor broker. Color Gear offers flexible and variable prices to meet the budget of customers.

  • Time Commitment

    Color Gear provides one of the fastest lead time offer in the industry despite of peak or off peak season. We are aware the importance of making timely delivery and have achieve 99% punctuality of delivery in the past years.

  • Innovation Commitment

    Color Gear is creation driven business and we are exploring every possibility to improve our products up to date and catch up the latest trend in sportswear industry.

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Fabric Technology

All sublimated clothing manufactured with state of the art fabric technology specifically engineered for sportswear.

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Thermal Compression

Manufactured sportswear clothing includes Thermal Compression technology helping feel cooler.

Thermal Compression

Leading fabric technology engineered for optimal sportswear durability and comfort.

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Moisture Treatment

Manufactured sportswear clothing includes Moisture Treatment technology helping feel dry.

Moisture Treatment

Leading fabric technology engineered for optimal sportswear durability and comfort.

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Superior Fabric Technology

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We are Color Gear Sports!

We are Color Gear Sports.

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